Few days back Microsoft announced in their blog post that Windows Media Center will not be available for users in Windows 8 RTM however it will be available only in Windows 8 Pro edition, Windows 8  users needs to pay few bucks to get that feature, don’t worry- you can add Windows Media Center to yesterday’s released Windows 8 RP without paying extra money and you can play DVDs too in WMC after that without installing any third party apps.

Windows Media Center in Windows 8 RP

Adding Windows Media Center in Windows 8 Release Preview

1. Press Win key on keyboard or tap on Start button to open Start screen.

2. Now start typing  “Add Features” and click on  “Settings” below “‘Apps” and now further click on  “Add Features to Windows 8” option from results displayed on left-side of your screen.

3. On the “Add Features to Windows 8” window click on “I already have a product key”, proceed and enter MBFBV-W3DP2-2MVKN-PJCQD-KKTF7 key as shown below in the screenshot.

Windows Media Center Product key

4. When the next screen is displayed, select “I accept he license terms” and click on “Add Features” button at the bottom, Windows adds Windows Media Center after the restart of your PC.

5. After Windows restart, when you scroll horizontally on the start screen Windows Media Center tile appears, click on it to open and follow the steps shown on the screen to finish Windows Media Center Setup.

Here you can configure each step like testing your display, speakers, and etc. manually through “Custom” option or select “Express” option instead to finish the wizard quickly without need to going through extra  steps and enjoy Windows Media Center.

Playing  DVDs in Windows 8 Release Preview in Windows Media Center

Windows Media Player doesn’t support DVD Playback in Windows 8, however after the addition of  Windows Media Center we can able to play DVDs easily in Windows Media Center and we don’t require to install third party app such as VLC Player now on Windows 8.