Yahoo launched Axis browser for PC, iPad and IPhone, this browser is combined with Search and browsing the web. Do we need another browser? let’s talk about this later.Yahoo boasts Axis offers “faster, smarter search with instant answers and visual search previews”.  Yahoo Search which powered by Bing integrated into Axis and without moving away from the page you can get the search results as visual previews on top horizontally and Axis provides instant answers. You can tie your Yahoo account to Axis browser (much like Chrome does to Google account) which syncs your  bookmarks, recent visited sites across all devices, and it recognizes on the device it supports when you visit Axis.

Yahoo Axis

Yahoo Axis supports following devices

Yahoo Axis currently available as an add-on for Firebox, Chrome, Safari and IE, but for us when tested for Firefox and Chrome it’s extension only installed successfully for Mozilla browser.  However Yahoo Axis is available as standalone Brower for iPhone and iPad.

Benefits of using Yahoo Axis Browser

Yahoo Search box appears at the bottom of the page when you click on it expands into a toolbar,

  • Search results shown horizontally as thumbnail previews instead of links,
  • Navigation: You don’t need to click on “back” button to return to search results as Axis search box always appears at the bottom of active page.
  • Axis provides visual previews of web results, search suggestions and quick answers to common searches like weather forecast or local movie shows.
  • When you sign into Yahoo or Facebook or Google Axis will recognize you from the device you’re on.

Yahoo Axis is just an app released to promote Yahoo Search and it reminds us of metro IE in Windows 8

Yahoo Axis is more of an app in Firefox that shows search suggestions and instant answers as you start typing with horizontal strip of visual thumbnails, instead of clicking on links shown on search results you’re here clicking on a thumbnail to reach the site.

Yahoo Search box will appear at the bottom of the page when you click on and start typing it instantly starts to show search results with thumbnail previews, scroll your mouse wheel to view them horizontally and I don’t think this is good user experience.  You can bookmark the articles. and you can access them from Yahoo Axis home page which you can access by clicking on Home button.

Our final Say:

The main aim of Yahoo here is to improve their Yahoo Search volume and traffic, nothing put in the browser for user and you don’t need to get excited with buzz spreading around the web it as a “Chrome Killerit is not even close to a browser, its just an app on desktop browser with supported browsers like Firefox, Chrome,IE and Safari and it uses the browser functionality it installed on.