If you’re a Firefox user you’ll definitely hesitate to restart the browser with too many tabs open as it can take more time for Mozilla’s open source browser to load them, fear not! “Tabs on Demand” feature which introduced by Mozilla in Firefox 8 (not enabled by default then, now comes enabled by default in Firefox 13 Beta) comes to the rescue. This feature with “Don’t load tabs until selected” option enabled under General tab in Preferences and “show windows and tabs from last time” option is chosen by the user then Firefox will only load visible or active tab on startup and other tabs will not be loaded until you select them.

Firefox 13 also sports a New Tab Page that shows  most visited sites as thumbnails which already browser like Opera and Chrome have. Firefox default home page offers links to access Downloads, Bookmarks, History, Add-ons, Sync and Settings. There are other improvements applied to this build from Snappy project by Mozilla.

If you’re disappointed with Firefox till now, Firefox 13 Beta is worth a try before switching to other browser. You can download latest Firefox beta from here.