It is common for most of users to open lot of tabs, but with too many tabs being opened also contributes to lack of Firefox responsiveness and performance, as tabs in the background keep performing some actions and these background tabs contributes to significant network usage, memory consumption, Author of AdBlockPlus developer Wladimir Palant developed Suspend background tabs extension for Firefox which suspends background tabs actions until they’re selected, thus CPU usage will  be saved.

After installing this extension, you don’t need to configure anything in its options. But you can select “Don’t suspend pinned app tabs” option as this extension does suspend pinned background tabs also.

suspend background tabs options

This extension suspends only periodical actions happening in background tabs and resumes once tab becomes selected or active. However background tabs with the downloads and flash movies like videos playing in YouTube won’t be affected.

Firefox 13 too suspends background tabs on Startup but for last session

Mozilla Snappy projects Tabs on Demand feature only loads active/ visiting tab from last session and all other tabs will be deferred until selected. So Tabs on Demand feature and Suspend background Tabs extension combination definitely makes Firefox more responsive and saves CPU usage.

You can install this extension from here.

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