Some websites and services are restricted to use in particular region/country only, take Hulu for example, this site is restricted to U.S only and cannot be accessed from other Countries in World  like India, same the case with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Affected countries citizen can’t access these sites. You can rely on some software and proxies to get the job done, Stealthy is an extension available for Firefox and Chrome that lets you access websites not available for access in your country, what this extension does is after installation it searches for the best proxies it had and selects better one from the cloud that suits you and your location and sets up proxy on your browser by assigning a foreign IP address to your Computer and you’re ready to access that site without any issues, this is not illegal.

accesing Hulu with stealthy turned on

Configuring Stealthy options to access blocked sites

If you consider installing Stealthy for Chrome, after installing it aircraft icon of Stealthy will appear on Chrome’s toolbar in red color indicating that it is turned off. Options page opens at the same time offering three free options to choose from : Normal, USA and Custom.

stealthy options

Normal option which is selected by default fakes your location without unblocking country-specific contents.

Select USA option to access services that are only allowed to access in U.S like Hulu for example.

You can choose to use a proxy of a particular country from the list, just start typing the country name in the form field to view the list, this option is Custom.

Once all done click on “Save” button, click on Stealthy icon to enable it, which turns to green. Now you can start accessing blocked sites in your location.

Caution: You’re warned not to access sites like Paypal and banking when Stealthy is turned on. However you can add these sites under “Bypass list” in the options page when Stealthy is turned on, so that they won’t be affected by this extension.

This extension does slow down your internet connection once enabled, so it is better for you to turn off the add-on once you don’t need it.

By using this extension we can able to access Hulu properly without any issues as you can check above in the screenshot.

Regarding Stealthy add-on for Firefox

We’ve not tested Stealthy add-on for Firefox yet, but avoid this one as developer says in his blog Chrome version offers more features. Stealthy Chrome extension automatically changes the proxy whenever some error occur offering better performance.

You can download Stealthy for Firefox and Chrome, here is the link to developer’s site.

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