If you don’t know: Windows 8 by default comes with a metro-style PDF Reader called Windows Reader, this program is the default app for opening PDF files from desktop as well as in metro (modern) environment. That means, all PDF files by default will be opened in this metro PDF Viewer, Windows Reader icon will be shown as thumbnail for all PDF files in Explorer.

Then how you can able to set your favorite PDF Reader app like Adobe Reader, Nitro PDF Reader or SumatraPDF Reader on desktop as default PDF Reader in Windows 8? If you want to do that, follow the instructions below.

How to Change the Default PDF Viewer in Windows 10

Changing Windows Reader on Windows 8 from Default PDF Reader Status

For e.g if you want to set already installed Sumatra PDF Reader as default Handler for opening PDF files in Windows 8, all you need to do is

  • right-click on any PDF file and choose default program from “Open with” menu
  • and double click on SumatraPDF and make sure “use this app for all .pdf files” is checked above in the “open with dialog” window.
  • Pretty simple isn’t it! Now SumatraPDF has been set as Windows 8’s default PDF Reader.

choose default programsumatra pdf

How to Fix Foxit Reader’s Script Error in Windows 8.1

To Set Windows Reader as the Default PDF Reader again

1. Open Desktop Control Panel>Programs>Default Programs>Set Default Programs

2. From Programs shown on left-side Select Windows Reader and click on “Set this program as default” on right side.

set this program as default

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