Tabbed browsing is great to have multiple sites open in a single window and allows to switch between them easily, but this also brings us the problem of tab management Panorama solves that, but somehow we don’t intentionally want to open too many tabs, which leads to more memory usage, tab bar gets overflowed with this and we can’t find which tab has which information.

Suspend Background Tabs Extension Makes Firefox More Responsive and Saves CPU Usage Too


And another downside is system also gets slow with this, but we can’t control ourselves from opening “too many tabs” in Firefox, Max Tabs is an extension that notifies you about this when you’ve already opened a maximum number of tabs set by you and  it doesn’t allow to open an extra tab by showing message at the bottom “you’ve decided not to open more than x number of tabs”.

message tabs count reached maximum limit

Limit The Number of Tabs to Open in a Window with Max Tabs Firefox Add-on

If you want to set only 10 tabs to open in Firefox, there should be a preference in Firefox or at least an extension that should be there in AMO, right! Max Tabs is that extension that alerts you when you try to open more tabs than maximum number set by you in its options, then what you can do is close other tabs you don’t need, then you can open other pages, fine isn’t it? You can set the maximum number of tabs you can have open from extension options.

max tabs options


UnloadTab, Unload Firefox Inactive Tabs to Save Precious System Resources

This is simple and effective add-on, and this extension is favored over other extensions available in AMO because it doesn’t close already opened tabs forcibly, it restricts you from opening too many tabs and gives the control on the number of tabs you can have open in Firefox.

You can download this extension for Firefox from here.