Pig Toolbox Extension adds not a single feature, but too many features to Chrome, which you can’t resist. This extension lets you: open current URL in IE or other external program (cross-browser testing, take a screenshot of the current page and even allows you to set copied clipboard image as desktop background.

Pig Toolbox adds “YouTube Tools” button under video on YouTube lets you search for YouTube music video lyrics, repeat YouTube video, skip the video ads. offers domains information for the current page. Other features includes, Google mail checker, super drag, domain information for the current page, mouse gestures, login form filling, user define shortcuts and much more.

Pig Toolbox

After installing the extension, you can access most of the new features it offers via its button on the Chrome toolbar. All features can be found and some of them can be enabled on extension options page.

Pig Toolbox options

You can check all functions this extension supports and download for your Chrome browser from here. Yes, I’ve to agree “Pig Toolbox” name looks a bit weird for this extension.