As we all know websites can be blocked permanently in all browsers on our Computers using hosts file, we’ve also covered that it is possible to block list of websites for a specified period of time (temporarily) with free app called Focal Filter, security company NoVirusThanks has released Website Blocker freeware tool that lets you allow and block desired websites-they can be social, porn or other sites. It also allows to block websites and URLs using wildcards.

Blacklisting websites

After installing this app, launch it from start menu or from the desktop, click on Blacklist tab and start adding domains you want to block by right-clicking and clicking on “Add” menu item, similarly you can add more websites. Once an website is blacklisted in this app, it won’t be loaded on any browser monitored by it and a pop-up like below will be shown from the system tray whenever someone tries to load that site.

NoVirusThanks Website Blocker

NVT Website blocker by default monitors for popular web browsers processes such as Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari and Opera, however you can also specify which processes to monitor from these browsers.

website blocked popup

You can clear one or all added websites in Blacklist by selecting a website or domain and right-click on it and by clicking “Remove” or “Clear All” button. You can add specific words under “Wildcards” tab to prevent from searching them.

Other features include: logs allowed websites, blocks secure connections which is useful to block login pages, also allows to block inbound and outbound traffic. This program offers real-time protection and “stealth mode” which can be enabled from settings which hides application form and tray icon of the program. This app is pre-configured to automatically run at startup with Windows.

NoVirusThanks Website Blocker is one such app useful to parents and advanced users who wants to control their visits to social networking sites. You can download this program from here.

Website Blocker works on Windows XP/Vista/Server 2008/7 (32-bit only).