Microsoft’s social networking site, which gone live accidentally few months back is in fact launched by Microsoft and available to all at present, you can sign into this service with your Facebook username and password or with Windows Live account. What is is all about? pronounced as Social combines web browsing, search and social networking.

Once you signed into with Windows live account it asks your permission to

  • Sign you automatically into whenever you signed into Windows Live,
  • also can able to view your profile info including your name, gender, display picture, contacts and friends,
  • Socl can also see or access your email addresses in your profile.

Microsoft soclsocl

You can change these settings anytime once after you signed in, and if you accept to these permissions you’ll enter Socl otherwise you may be greeted with error page  like below which happened to me.

socl error page

Once you’re in, Socl asks to choose topics and followers you’re interested to follow. User can start for searching for any topic he interested or select a topic that is trending on and then he/she can click on results to share with others. User can edit the post, share posts over Facebook and via email by entering their email addresses.

permission to access social bookmarklet is available which you need to drag below to browser’s toolbar to n start sharing interesting content found on web on

To use Socl you need to be 18 years age or older and you should agree to terms of service and privacy statement. is an experiment in open search that means your searches can be viewed by all other and will also be available to third parties.

“ does not automatically post your searches, comments, or likes to your Facebook stream unless you choose this option. Also we don’t contact your Facebook friends once unless you invite them”

Why late? you can now start exploring over here.