There are lot of Cross-browser testing extensions available for Firefox, Chrome and Opera on Web, these extensions are specially useful for developers and lets you open current site loaded in one browser in any browser like Opera, Chrome or Firefox. What if you want to open all tabs loaded in Firefox browser on your favorite browser like Chrome? there is an extension for that, which is Open In Chrome. If you ask me why I need to open tabs opened in Firefox in Chrome? one answer I can say is Firefox with  too many tabs becomes less responsive and affects system performance too with high CPU Usage and its also tedious for us to copy and paste every URL one by one in Chrome.

open all tabs  in Chrome opton on context menu

Moving All Opened tabs from Firefox to Chrome

After installing this extension to migrate all tabs from Firefox to Chrome you can use: combination of Alt+ Left click on extension’s icon which can be found on Add-on bar or toolbar  or you can access “Open Access in Google Chrome” item from Tools menu or enable Show in Context menu option in extension’s preferences.

Open In Chrome preferences

Open Access in Google Chrome menu can be found in Tools Menu and Context Menu which offers options to open current tab and all tabs in Chrome.

You can download “Open In Chrome” extension from here.