It seems gradually websites start to honor Mozilla’s “Do Not Track” feature, recently Twitter added Do Not Track support to its site and don’t forget AVG 2012 SP1 update also added Do Not Track to its free antivirus. Currently Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer browsers supports this privacy feature, Chrome to support this by the end of 2012 however currently you can enable DNT in Chrome by using official keep my opt-out extension. And Norwegian browser company not left behind in the race, Opera too has added DNT option to its Opera 12 snapshot which is disabled by default, we’re expecting it to the stay the same when Opera 12 final ships also, that’s also the Mozilla’s stand for Firefox future versions they don’t want to turn on DNT feature by default. Currently Opera team close to release Opera 12 RC but you can enable Do Not Track in current Opera 12 snapshot and avoid from being tracked on the web, here is how.

Enabling Do Not Track in Opera

  • Open Opera’s Preferences dialog, (you can use Ctrl +F12 shortcut)>Advanced tab> Security section
  • Check or select for “Ask websites not to track me” option on right side of the pane.
  • Click “Ok” to save the changes.
  • That’s it! DNT has been turned on in Opera.

Opera's preferences dialog

Now to confirm DNT is turned on, visit Do Not track website from Mozilla in this page on right side you can observe Do Not Track status shown as” ON”.

DNT status on for Opera

By turning on DNT, Opera sends HTTP header to servers for every request, this header tells servers that user want to opt-out of tracking from websites and advertising networks.