Google mentioned in their security blog that from today onwards they start notifying half-million users who were affected by DNSChanger malware when they visit Google from their Computers. If you don’t know: DNSChanger malware modifies DNS Settings to use malicious DNS servers that points users to fake sites and harmful locations. Luckily for a limited period of time FBI replaced these rogue DNS servers with good ones but these are to shutdown on July 9th, after that at the current disinfection rate lot of users systems in hundreds or thousands will still remain infected with the DNSChnager malware and they can’t access internet from their Computers. That’s why Google stepped into this to alert them.

DNSChanger warning

Google to show Warning for DNSChnager Affected Users on top of its Search Results Page

When an affected user visits Google from his device Google alerts him/her with a special message which appears on top of the search results page, that message also includes a link pointing how to remove the DNSChanger malware. This effort from Google need to be appreciated , though this is not the first time Google is doing this, last summer they’ve  also warned millions of users affected with different malware .

Till now various ISPs and other groups tried to alert the affected users, but has limited success. Since Google is number one search engine in the world, on any day affected user going to use Google for this needs. Then he’ll be warned about this, he can follow Google suggested link and can remove DNSChanger malware successfully from his Computer.

“Our goal with this notification is to raise awareness of DNSChanger among affected users. We believe directly messaging affected users on a trusted site and in their preferred language will produce the best possible results.”