We’ve covered back in March this year that Mozilla have plans to enable Google Secure Search as default from Firefox 14 version, this change now reflects in Aurora. What this means is that  the searches you performed from search bar, location  bar or from right click menu will only known to Google and it is guaranteed that no third party will access to your search queries/data since your search results and suggestions will be presented through secure connection.

Firefox 14 to use encrypted Google Search as default search engine

“Additionally, using HTTPS helps providers like Google remove information from the referrer string. While Google users may expect Google to know what they are searching for, Firefox users may not be aware these search terms are often transmitted to sites they visit when they click on items in the search results; enabling HTTPS search helps sites like Google strip this information from the HTTP referrer string, putting the user better in control of when and to whom their interests are shared.”

firefox 14 providing search results via secure Google search

Mozilla always in front to protect their users privacy as they introduced “Do Not Track” to prevent tracking from third party advertisers which now getting a move and other browsers like Opera adopted and Chrome to offer this in future for their users. So with Firefox 14 having encrypted Google Search as default option gives users better control over their searches as only Google know what you do.

Now if you search from Aurora’s search bar or from location bar search results will be displayed via secured connection. You can test this feature by downloading Firefox Aurora from here.

Source: Mozilla blog