Firefox has Panorama feature and Opera has Tab Stacking to manage tabs, which has been a problem since ages, where most users open too many tabs and can’t organize tabs into groups, Mozilla solved that problem for Firefox users with Panorama, but how many are actually using this feature now is still unknown?

Opera too offers tab management through ‘tab stacking”, where users need to move one tab over the other to form a stack, by clicking on the arrow icon they can expand the stack. Chrome also suffers from overflow of tabs, where it stops responding when more than a certain number of tabs, say 50 are opened.

Update : This flag is no longer available in the chrome://flags page for you to enable tab stacking in Chrome.

Good news is that Chrome team is working on this and they’ve already made stacked tabs flag available in both latest canary and dev. versions, which you can enable and try.

stacked tabs on tab strip

Enabling Stacked Tabs flag in Chrome Canary/Dev. Channel

1. Open about:flags in Chrome Canary/dev. and scroll down until you find Stacked Tabs, click on enable button and relaunch the browser.

enable stacked tabs flag

2. From now onwards whenever more than 6 tabs are opened, chrome automatically starts stacking tabs to left and right side of the tab strip.

3. If you keep opening tabs on right-side, tabs on left will be stacked one on top of another, when you click on a stacked tab on left it will be expanded and other tabs on it’s right will be stacked.

Note: Flags are experimental features that may break Chrome, so you should enable and use them with caution. There is no guarantee that these features to reach stable channel or can be dropped by Chrome team any time.