Windows 7 shows different animations for different actions in Explorer, for example, one type of animation is shown for maximize or minimize of a window and another one is shown for copy/paste dialog.

Though animations in Windows 7 can use precious system resources, but really there are some cool Explorer UI animations that are hidden by default which after enabling brings some feel and shows cool animation effects pleasing for your eyes while you’re browsing for files in Explorer. You can enable these animations with a freeware portable tool, AniExplorer.

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Enabling Hidden Windows Explorer UI Animations in Windows 7 and Windows 8

All you need to do is download the program zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run  program executable related to type of Operating System you’re using for e.g. if you’re using 32-bit run Animations_x86 or run Animations_ X64 executable on 64-bit system.


AniExplorer lets you enable 4 types of animations, they are: Vertical Rectangle, Horizontal rectangle, position and alpha. What you need to do is choose an animation and animation speed from very slow, slow, fast and very fast by using the slider. Click “Apply’ button will restart the Explorer for the change to take effect.

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To restore to default settings, click “restore defaults” button on the program.

We’ve tested this program on Windows 7, worked just fine. Developer of this program says this will also work on Windows 8.

You can download AniExplorer from here.