This morning when I sign into my eBay account I saw “ launching Deals” graphic, don’t know whether this is new but Deals is s a new platform launched by eBay India that showcases all the deals featured on eBay and users now can access all deals from one place, no more searching and a lot of  time will be saved with this.

ebay deals

“It’s raining Deals all through the year! With so many deals around you, there’s a lot of room for confusion! We admit that searching for the right deals on specific products is not an easy job. So we got down to business and created the Deals, just for you! “ Deals page

eBay Deals page features deals on Mobiles, Cameras, Laptops, LCDs, Memory devices, Tablets, Perfumes, Watches, Toys. The displayed deals are refreshed every week to include new launches and hot hits. What you’ve to do visit that deals page find items you’re interested from categories by refining your search.

For e.g to find deal related to “Samsung  Galaxy Nexus” visit Mobiles deal page and choose brand as Samsung, Android as Operating System and Device type as Touch. You can always adjust the slider below to set the price range.

You should know that this is different from deals of the week.