Opera has Speed Dial, Google Chrome offers “New Tab Page” with thumbnails of the most visited sites from browser history, Firefox browser exists for ages before Chrome release, but till now it doesn’t have a New Tab Page, finally New Tab Page has been landed on Firefox 13 and displays (3*3 grid of total) 9 thumbnails of the most visited sites to the user instead of blank one whenever the user opens the new tab.

These thumbnails are generated from browser history, if you wipe Firefox browsing history on daily basis you’ll be left with none thumbnails, so it’s better for user to not to delete the Firefox cache daily.

How to Increase The Number of Thumbnails on Firefox New Tab Page

I myself started using Firefox 13 beta since 20 days for now, hardly clicked on a thumbnail to visit a most recently visited website, but it may take more time for me to get used to it, feels same the case with other users too. Firefox 13 final is set to release on June 5, are you using Firefox beta now? Do you like the new tab page?  If not, here is how to disable it.

Disabling Firefox’s New Tab Page

1. Type about:config in browser and press enter.

2. Click on warning “I’ll be careful, I Promise” and type “newtabpage” (without quotes) in the search box

3. Double click on “browser.newtabpage.enabled” preference to change to “False”.

4. Double click on the preference “browser.newtab.URL” and set its value to about:blank.

browser.newtabpage.enabled preference

That’s it! New Tab page has been disabled in Mozilla’s browser. From now onwards, you’ll be greeted with empty page whenever you open the New Tab.

Disable Firefox’s Thumbnails Capture for New Tab Page

To enable it back, follow steps from 1 to 3 and toggle the above said preference value to “True”.

Share how you found the new tab page useful in Firefox with us in comments.