We all know, Google Chrome offers PDF Viewer plug-in to view PDF files in its browser, if you’re not using any other external PDF Reader app on Windows, then Chrome PDF Viewer will be the default PDF Reader. Whenever you stumbled on to a PDF file via a link like this from a web page, Chrome PDF Viewer displays the message on top like this” Parts of this document could not be displayed. Install Adobe Reader? No/Yes ”

Chrome PDF Reader prompts to install Adobe Reader for some PDF Files

If you click on “Yes” button, you’ll ’be taken to Adobe Reader X download page, if you click on “No” or on close button at the end of the message, the info bar will go away. Next time, when you open the same PDF file via same link, you’ll be greeted with that messages again, annoying, isn’t it?

chrome pdf viewer message


Chrome to Block Adobe Reader Plugin by Default, Here is How to always open PDF files with It

But the PDF file we’re talking about is loaded and displayed fine, then why Chrome is showing such message and promoting Adobe Reader? Questions needed to be answered by the Chromium team.

If you’re annoyed with this message, you can visit about:plugins page in Chrome and disable PDF Viewer plugin, then PDFs will be loaded and displayed via PDF Reader plugin installed for Chrome.