Let’s accept it, at least once a day we check Gmail for a new message, visit Facebook to see new comments on our posts or look for new tweets in your timeline on Twitter from people you follow, so it’s not a big thing but if you spend more time on those sites by ignoring your work that’ll harm and hurt your job or profession. When you’re involved in serious work a message pops up from your friend check this YouTube video or Facebook page, you can visit those sites but you should always be reminded of your work or study. Lets say I visit Facebook for 10 minutes then there should be a reminding application alert me about my work, that is what I-Am-Studying-Blocker chrome extension does.

I am Studying don't bother me

After installing this extension its icon appears on Chrome’s toolbar. Click on it to enable “Studying” or  “Work mode. This extension by default blocks Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube sites not Twitter though, you can add sites you want to block from its options. You can also remove a site from blocked sites list from Options. Once turned on, this extension starts collecting data about websites you visit and shows a pie chart later on how much time you spent on day on these websites.

time wasted on websites shown through pie chart

Whenever you visit a black listed site, “Snooze’ button with extensi0n message page appears which you need to click on for 10 minute access. Block button also appears on top of the page on other sites like Gmail to add to the blocked sites list.

I-Am-Studying-Blocker extension for Chrome not only allows you to stay focus on your work but also lets you know the total time spent on unnecessary sites by you at the end of day, useful for you to know time you wasted on them. You can download this extension from here.

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