Security researchers at Kaspersky have found Cyber Spying weapon or the most sophisticated malware till now in the world, Flamer which now infected 5000 Computers in Middle Eastern Countries named Iran, Israel ,Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Flamer is much more complex malware than Duqu and Stuxnet, it has features of worm, Trojan and backdoor.  This worm can be spread through USB drives and Local Area Networks. Kaspersky Security team says Flamer is  same as “SkyWiper”.

BitDefender Releases Removal Tool for Flamer Worm

Once the System is infected with this information stealing worm it can capture screenshots, records audio conversations, intercepts keyboard strokes and sniffs network traffic, all this info will be available to operators though link to Flame’s Command-and Control Servers. It seems it take more days for the security researches to analyze Flamer, meanwhile another security Vendor BitDefender released removal tool for Flamer malware which detects presence of it and removes if found automatically, it may take more time for the tool to scan your Computer as we observed.

BitDefender Removal tool for Flamer

“Flamer is the scariest cyber espionage tool we’ve yet seen. It goes places where other spyware doesn’t go, retrieves information others don’t retrieve, and ensures the infected computer has no privacy whatsoever,”said Catalin Cosoi, Bitdefender’s Chief Security Researcher. “Luckily, the Bitdefender removal tool makes it easy to eliminate from your computer.”

You can download 32 or 64-bit of the tool from here.