Gmail Search just got better,  over the next few days Gmail will tailor improved autocomplete predictions based on your email via its search box. Gmail system is setup in such way that Gmail knows all mails you read, write and received, you don’t need to be surprised if Gmail search offers predictions for words in messages you’d recently received.

Gmail search with improved Autocomplete Suggestions just got better

“Now when you type something into the Gmail search box, the autocomplete predictions will be tailored to the content in your email, so you can save time and get the information you want faster than ever before. For example, you might now get lax reservation or lax united as predictions after typing “lax” if you have received an email with a flight confirmation for your trip to Los Angeles in your inbox recently.” reads Gmail blog.


Gmail team says improved autocomplete in English language will be rolling out over the next few days  and will be available for more languages over the next few months.