If you install programs, drivers on your Computer, some of these are automatically configured to load with Windows startup which you may even not know. But loading all programs, drivers and other system services at the same time requires some time and access from the hard drive unless you’re using SSD drive, you can load Windows much faster on startup by disabling some unnecessary startup programs or by delaying loading of startup programs sequentially, Argus Boot Accelerator is a freeware program similar to “Startup Delayer” lets you delay load of  the startup programs and thus Windows boots up quickly in less time.

Argus Boot Accelerator

Configuring Argus Boot Accelerator

After installing this program it lists all the programs and system services under “Unmanaged Startup Items (Windows )” that are set to auto-run at startup, you can drag and drop or double click on an entry to move to “Managed Startup Items (Argus Boot Accelerator)”  list. Here is one limitation- Freeware version of this program doesn’t allows to manage system services, so you can manage only startup programs with this app.

All you need to do is select an entry under Argus Boot Accelerator list and set the delay time, Max delay time, Priority, CPU Load etc. You can do the same for remaining entries also. By default delay time is set 2 sec and CPU load is set to 30% which you can change from the options dialog.

You can set the order for these startup programs by dragging them up/down under the list. “Check for running instances” option at the bottom helps the program to prevent running an entry if the same program is manually opened by you before.  ABA works with 32 & 64 bit of Windows starting from XP onwards.

You can download Argus Boot Accelerator from here.