Recently Opera released Opera 12 Snapshot including 64-bit build for Windows and Mac with the addition of Out of Process Plugins, CSS Animations and HTML5 Drag and drop features, today continuation for that another snapshot has been released by Opera that fixes hardware acceleration issues and a new Opera:CPU page has been added to let the user know which tab is actually eating CPU.

Opera:CPU/about:CPU usage page

After installing this build, if you visit Opera:CPU or about:CPU page in Opera it shows which processes/tabs are consuming CPU usage in percentages for the last 5, 30 and 120 seconds respectively.

Opera processor usage page

You can pause these updates or  let this page show these updates much faster or slower by clicking on “Faster updates” and “slower updates” on top of the page. “Other” process in Opera Processor usage page shows CPU usage may be for background tasks run by Opera.

Opera vs. Chrome in memory management stats

Chrome has  task manager that allows users to see pages using amount of memory, CPU usage, where clicking on “stats for nerds” reveals much more useful information to the user. So when compared to Chrome Opera clearly lacking here in providing this info to the user. At least they’ve added Opera:CPU page now, hope they add more useful pages to opera in future.

You can download this build from here.