IE10, one browser in Windows 8 that available in two versions-desktop and Metro. Let me tell you again If IE 10 which comes as default browser that makes IE metro version to exist, if other browser is set as default browser then metro IE will be disabled. Though metro IE is aimed touch screens, it also allows us to focus on what we’re browsing and offers immersive experience. Though the tip I am going to share now is basic, but it will be useful for novice users of Windows 8.

Opening New Tab or InPrivate tab in Metro IE

1. Click on Metro IE tile on start screen to open Internet Explorer,

2. Now right-click on anywhere on page or use Win +Z  key combination to open metro tab switcher on top, which shows thumbnails of active tabs.

3.  You need to click on “+” sign that appears on right-corner of Metro tab switcher to open the New Tab or click on three-dots below that to open InPrivate tab.

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