All users by now may know that in Windows 8 Microsoft offers re-branded Microsoft Security Essentials as Windows Defender, which offers same malware protection as of MSE. If you try to install MSE on Windows 8 CP now, it won’t install,Windows shows “this program has compatibility issues dialog”, why MSE is not compatible with Windows 8? MSE works fine in Windows 7, then why not in Windows 8? Read below to know the reasons for these.

MSE will not work in Windows 8

I’ve covered  about installing MSE on Windows 8 post when Windows 8 DP was released and at that time, it was installed fine without any problems or errors. Now what happened with Consumer Preview? Microsoft released an application compatibility release update 2685194 for Windows 8 CP that introduces hard block on MSE, since it is incompatible and this hard block prevents it from running in Windows 8.

MSE has compatibility issues

No MSE in Windows 8 final?

We don’t know or can’t confirm whether Microsoft adds support for MSE in Windows 8 final release, but from the Windows 8 FAQ page on Microsoft website hints that we may not to see it in Windows 8 final.

“Windows 8 Consumer Preview comes with Windows Defender, which has been improved in Windows 8 to provide the same level of malware protection as Microsoft Security Essentials. You do not need to install Microsoft Security Essentials and it will not work with Windows 8. Microsoft will continue to provide and improve Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. ”

“If you’re upgrading to Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you should uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials first. For information on uninstalling Microsoft Security Essentials, see How to manually uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials.”

We don’t need to worry about this because Windows Defender offers the same protection.

Some guesses: Microsoft Windows 7 offers Windows Defender anti-spyware which already there when MSE is introduced, so a thought of why to offer two security products where by merging MSE+Windows Defender the malware protection can be offered through Windows Defender, since MSE is incompatible in Windows 8, Windows Defender given the role of securing Windows 8 PCs. What do you think?