Though if you’re not a Mac user, if  you’re following news recently you may’ve heard about Flashback Mac Trojan that infected over 670,000 Computers worldwide and this number is on raise according to Security vendor Kaspersky. These infected Computers have been combined in a botnet and cybercriminals can install additional malicious modules on these Computers at their will. Today Kaspersky has released Flashback removal tool which you can download and disinfect your Computer if affected with this Trojan.

How to check if your Mac is infected with Flashback/FlashFake Trojan?

“Kaspersky Lab’s experts have discovered the operation algorithm of the malicious program, and created a dedicated server that imitates the C&C server that infected computers are supposed to connect to. For several days, this server registered all the infected computers that communicated with it, and recorded their UUIDs in a dedicated database. Thus, we can check if your computer’s UUID is in this database; if so, your computer was (and may still be) infected with Flashback. “

Kaspersky has created site for all Mac Users to check their UUIDs for infection. First you need to know UUID of your Mac for this, from menu item>About This Mac>More Info>System Report, now in this window copy “Hardware UUID “ value to clipboard and paste in and click on “check my UUID’,

locating UUID in Mac

Kaspersky Flashback Mac Removal Tool

If your system is infected with Flashfake site confirms it by showing the same message, now you need to download and run the Kaspersky Flashback removal tool, this tool automatically scans your system for Flashback and removes if it is detected.

check flashback infection in Mac

You can download Flashback removal tool from Kaspersky here.