It is obvious that we’ need write downloaded ISO image to CD/DVD disk to access its contents, is there any way we can access contents of ISO images file without writing to optical media?, yes! ISO Opener makes it possible. ISO Opener is a freeware tool lets you extract all files and folders from an ISO image to your hard drive.

Access Contents of an ISO Image on Your  Computer with ISO Opener

All you need to do is the download and install the program on  your Computer, launch it. Select the ISO file via Explorer by clicking on “open” button and specify the output folder, once all set click on Extract button to let the program does the rest.

ISO Opener

We’ve tested this program by selecting Windows 8 CP ISO image on your hard drive and it successfully extracted all the files to the specified folder.

extraction completed

ISO Opener works on Windows XP/Vista/7, you can download ISO Opener from here.