I like Bing for the beautiful image it features on its homepage every day, I don’t use it for search. There are third-party apps like Bing Rounder which grabs the daily image featured on Bing homepage and sets as desktop background. Today Microsoft released Bing Desktop app in Beta version which automatically sets daily image from Bing Homepage as Windows 7 desktop background and updates it self daily with the new one whenever new image added on Bing.

Bing Desktop

Bing Desktop makes Bing’s daily homepage image as desktop background

What’s the catch with this app for Microsoft? this app comes with Bing Search box which is minimized by default and when it is maximized you can perform search from the search box without opening the browser and when you hover mouse pointer over “I” icon you can know information about name of photographer and that image. You can pin the search box to top of your screen from Settings, this app comes pre-configured to start with Windows and you can launch Bing Search box using Win + H hotkey.

Though Microsoft’s main aim of releasing Bing Desktop is letting users to use their Bing search engine from desktop, I and other users use it for one single use i.e to auto-set Bing homepage  image as desktop background every day, isn’t it?

You can download Bing Desktop from here.