Microsoft released Consumer Preview of Windows 8 one day back, have you installed Windows 8 ? do you like it? if you’ve installed Windows 8 Beta and want to know when it will expire, you can find it easily like we known this with a simple command for Windows 8 Developer Preview, here is how.

Windows 8 Beta Expiry Date

What you need to do is type winver command in the run command, which shows Windows 8 Beta expiry date along with build number 8250, you can see this in the below screenshot. So it will expire on January, 15, 2013, I hope by that time we might be using RTM/final version.

windows 8 consumer preview expiry date

WDP released on sep 13, 2011 and expired date set is March 11, 2012, however Microsoft did release an update that extends Windows 8 Developer Preview expiry date to January 15, 2013- reason for this update release is unknown.

Now we can use Win8 Beta for 10 months. Microsoft fixed 10,000 issues found in WDP, when we get RTM, it will be much stable and supports all applications, hardware we’re using now in Windows 7. What do you say?