SpeedyFox tool which we’ve covered long time back in those days where Firefox around version 3.0 or above took ages to start, at present I am happy with Firefox 11 (hope the same case with most of the users) and its speed when compared with older versions, now do we want/need tool like SpeedyFox? the developer crystalIdea released SpeedyFox 2.0 with new UI by adding support for Chrome, Skype and Thunderbird profiles. Now this tool optimizes Skype, Thunderbird and Chrome profiles so that they run slightly faster than before.

Improve Speed of Chrome/Skype/Thunderbird/Firefox with SpeedyFox

SpeedyFox is a portable tool when it launched after downloading automatically detects profiles of Chrome, Firefox, Thunderbird and Skype applications if installed and displays them on its interface along with their paths, all you need to do is click on “optimize” button and the tool will do the rest.

SpeedyFox  2

This tool optimizes Chrome settings/areas like archived history, history index, login data, network action Predictor, quota manager, shortcuts, top sites, web data etc. and show no.of files  it optimized and their size and total time taken for the optimization.

chrome profile optimization progress

As usual it compacts fragmented database of Firefox profile after that Firefox startup speed, browsing history, cookies access will be much faster and you’ll feel browsing with freshly installed Firefox.

Firefox optimization progress

You can use this tool once in a week to see the real difference in speed. You should close the selected programs before running the tool. 

What’s new in SpeedyFox 2

  • New user interface
  • support Skype, Chrome, Mozilla Thunderbird profiles
  • custom profiles: drag & drop support;
  • remember custom profiles
  • detailed optimization log
  • latest SQLITE engine 3.7.11

Now SpeedyFox name doesn’t makes sense all since it optimizes Chrome, Skype and Thunderbird also along with Firefox. Since Firefox now somewhat better, developer to continue the project added support for Chrome, thunderbird and Skype, that’s not wrong either.

You can download SpeedyFox 2 from here.