You should be careful before allowing third-party apps for access to your Twitter  account, any twitter app can have the ability to send tweets on behalf of you once you grant it your account access, but they don’t know your account password since these apps are connected to your account via secured Oauth connection. You shouldn’t be afraid of legitimate apps, but you can easily grant permit to some rogue apps which lures you to know things like number of users unfollowed you, or offering links to get gadgets like iPhone for free by filling surveys.

Check your Twitter account for Rogue apps and revoke access to them

One day you’ll be alerted by your followers or friends on twitter that your account is sending spam tweets which you’re not aware of. Guess what!your twitter account is not hacked, the rogue apps you gave access earlier in fact sending the spammed tweets on behalf of you.

Sophos Security has found 7 rogue apps which you should  know and you need to re-check these for your account and revoke access if you found any of these from settings>apps option in your twitter account.

revoking access to twitter apps

Rogue Twitter Applications

Unfollow Monitor App v1.0
Who Unfollowed You v2.9
Tweet Statistics App v1.0
Unfollow Stats App v1.3
Tweet Info App 1.3
Twit Stats App v1.2
Unfollow Details App v1.1

If you look at above twitter apps names they mostly said to reveal unfollowed users details any which lot of users eager to know with recent “unfollowing bug” in Twitter. If you’ve fallen to any one of them and grant access, do check apps in your twitter account and revoke access.