Whenever we install some software they install toolbars for browsers without our consent, these toolbars or even the extensions installed with the legitimate software also can change Firefox or any browser’s default search preference and home page to certain extent, resetting them to default values is a tedious task. Meet SearchReset, a restartless extension that resets Firefox‘s home page and search engine preferences to default values and uninstalls it self automatically after that.

Restore Firefox default Search engine and Home page

Though current version of Firefox blocks third-party extensions installations and toolbars, there are some cases where users installs these intentionally due to buzz around the web, examples are CrossRider’s Google+Facebook app and AVG security toolbar. After installing the CrossRider’s extension or the AVG toolbar-they changes user’s search preference, we need to manually reset preferences of search engine and “keyword.url” to default ones after their removal which we’ve covered in case of Crossrider app and AVG Secure search.

In cases like above user can use SearchReset extension in resetting the changes made by malware or bad-behavioral extensions to Firefox.  This extension does the following actions.

  • resets "browser.startup.homepage" pref to its default value
  • resets "keyword.URL" pref to its default value
  • resets "browser.search.defaultenginename" pref to its default value
  • restores the build’s default search engine if it was removed
  • moves the build’s default search engine into first position and selects it

This extension restores Default search and home page settings of Firefox and these changes can’t be undone. Make sure use this extension in above said situations.