Back in December 2011, Opera labs released 64-bit build of opera 12 with Out-Of Process Plugins architecture- those builds are just lab released ones today opera released Opera 12 snapshot with an upgraded core engine by adding new features such as HTML Drag and Drop, CSS Animations, updated CSS Transitions and 64-bit builds for Windows and Mac in these snapshots.

HTML5 Drag and Drop technology allows web pages to drag elements, selections and microdata from one page onto another, or drag files from the operating system and drop them onto a Web page.

Opera 12 new snapshot 64 bit build with out of process plugins

CSS3: “We have added experimental support for CSS Animations, which introduce a way to specify animations that can be more intricate than CSS Transitions, and can keep running continuously”. Opera blog post reads.

CSS Transitions support has been updated, if you don’t know about CSS Transitions with them rendering changes that happen instantly can be made to happen gradually over time instead.

Opera 12 (64-bit) Build available with Out of Process Plugins

Opera introducing Out Of Process Plugins architecture which servers two benefits for Opera. One is: OOPP allows all plug-ins like flash, Silverlight, Java to run in a separate process called “Opera_plugin_wrapper.exe” which prevents opera from crashing. When the plugin on a particular page crashes all user is need to do is to reload the page, Opera_plugin_wrapper.exe process is  similar to Firefox’s plug-in container.exe process.

Another benefit with OOPP is all 32-bit plugins can be run in a 64-bit browser. OOPP along with HTL5 Drag and Drop and other features is still a work in progress.

Download this snapshot from below