“+1” button which reflects colors of Google logo has been redesigned to match that of Google+ icon, now its red in color and looks ugly-seems not liked by lot of users. If you’ve placed +1 buttons on your blog or websites, (in fact on my site right now) you can see new g+ 1 button right now and is gradually rolling out to public confirmed by Google platform blog. Though the red colored G +1 icon doesn’t look well but it stands out from the social sites icon like Facebook, and twitter which also have blue color.

“Today, we released the new +1 button from preview and it’s now rolling out to all users. You may also notice the numbers in your +1 buttons increase, as we update our plugins to better reflect social activity around your content. Our Webmaster Tools Help Center article has more details on this update.  Join the conversation on Google+.”

new Google plus one button

From above screenshot you can see  how the new button looks like before you’ve +1’d  and after you’ve +1’d.