If your operating system drive of regular hard drive runs out of disk space then what you do is: uninstall some programs to gain the disk space, or if you’ve fast SSD you can move most used programs to it to benefit from its speed, you don’t need to uninstall programs or move software or games manually to SSD as with  freeware SymMover program you can able to move software and games installed on your computer to another disk or folder without breaking the installed programs, with this you’ll gain disk space and at the same time your games or programs moved continue to work as usual. SymMover achieves this by creating symbolic link between the source and destination. You can also move the same programs back to source folder or drive whenever you want with this program.


Move installed software and games to another disk without breaking with SymMover

Launch the program, click the “+” button which displays list of programs installed on your Computer, select one  program/folder from the list or from “folders on your Computer” tab, specify the destination folder and click Add folder. Now this program or folder will appear added under “folders in source” on left pane. Similarly you can add more programs and folders.

folders to be movedinstalled program folder moved

Check all folders or programs you’ve  added on the left pane and click on “green arrow” button to move them to the destination folder. You can see moved folders on the right pane, you can select them and move back to source folder if you want by clicking  on “yellow arrow”as SymMover removes the symbolic link it created.

You should know there should be sufficient disk space available on destination folder or disk for this task to complete.

SymMover works on Windows Vista/7.

Download SymMover