Thanks to automated system of Gmail that automatically filters spam messages and sends them  to your “Spam“folder instead to inbox, most of users don’t check their Spam folder but we do  check it rarely for sometimes to know whether any legitimate mails marked as Spam by Google mail (we can avoid this  by adding well- known email addresses to contact list). If you’re even more interested to know or learn why Gmail marked a message or some messages as Spam Gmail now offers brief explanation at the top of each of your spam message.

Gmail's explanation for spam messages

Why Gmail marked messages as Spam

To see this right now, open Spam folder in Gmail and click on any one of spam message displayed by Gmail, (no spam messages, congrats then check the screenshot above)  and know the information about the scams and harmful messages that Gmail filters out.

Gmail’s explanation for spam messages alerts users about phishing scams

Lot of users around the world do get emails about winning a lottery-most users using internet know these are scams, some don’t know and fell to them by emailing their personal and bank account/credit card information.

Here Gmail is warning them those types of messages that too with red background color makes novice users to think twice before sending their info to scammers. It is recommended for users to avoid clicking on links or attachments or replying to those messages.