Google today announced completely new opt-in feature for your Google Account, Google Account Activity, this feature lets you know more insight into your account activity for each month. As some banks sends password protected reports of banking each month to their customers’ email addresses, if you sign up for this feature Google will send you a link to password-protected report to know what you’re doing when you signed into your Google account and access other Google services.

How to Sign-up for monthly reports of  Google Account Activity

Google Account Activity gives you insights into things you done when you’re signed into Google account and access their services, this reports offers the information like number of web or images search you performed on Google, top search queries, or checking your emails which includes details like number of emails sent and received and who you contacted the most, or from which country, browsers, and operating systems you’re signing into your Google account.

Google Account Acitivity report

This is opt-in feature you need to visit link in your browser and sign-in to your account, then  Google will collect and summarizes your data across your Google account and sends you the monthly report on your account activity.

Google account activity