We’ve already covered  how to make Google SSL Search as default search engine for Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer while Google already made their encrypted  search as default for all signed-in users, we don’t know whether Google has plans to make Google HTTPS search as the default one for Chrome, but let me tell you Mozilla is thinking ahead of Google and planned to enable Google Secure Search as default search option for Firefox, Milestone set as Firefox 14.

Mozilla to switch Firefox users to Google Secure Search by default

We all know Mozilla gets big money from Google (they recently extended the deal/agreement for another three years or so) for providing Google search as default option for millions of users, at present Firefox drives users to Google from the search bar and from the about:home page which recently redesigned in Firefox 13 aurora, since Mozilla cares and talking about users privacy these days the discussion in bugzilla for bug  633733 finally seems to indicate that Mozilla decided to offer secured search as default search option for users .

Complications from Google point of View: Google servers may not handle traffic sent via encrypted search by Firefox and may crash. Here is Adam Langely, supposed to be from Google had to say on this on March 7, 2011

“We would welcome Firefox giving their users the option to use encrypted search. However, at this time we don’t feel that our encrypted search offers the features and speed that our users expect and so we wouldn’t want it to be the default. We are working towards making encrypted search as fast and complete as unencrypted search, but we’re not there yet.”

But things changed after that -Google made their secure search default for all signed-in users and in March, this year Google expanded SSL encryption to other Google domains as well and felt other companies will adopt SSL also which Mozilla is now considering for Firefox.

Google is also using SPDY for their search and other services. So we assume encrypted search won’t be slow and Google has shown green signal for Mozilla on this. And as a result a nightly  build now available where you can test this feature. So we can expect Firefox 14 to use Google secure search as default search engine.

Source: The Burning Edge