Mac is not safe anymore- malware writers now writing viruses targeting at Mac as well, Security vendors like Avast and Sophos already saw some space in AV market for Mac and they released free versions in the past- now Avira joined the race, yesterday, Avira released beta version of Mac Security where stable release to follow in the second quarter of 2012.

Avira Mac Security free version in Beta

Avira applies same concept for Macs that used in Windows Products as it provides the latest available Avira scan and protection technology with easy to use approach for users.  Avira Mac security aims to involve user only when it is at most necessary otherwise, Avira will take care of Mac automatically.

Avira free Mac Security scan for viruses

Real-time protection: This product offers real-time protection which is enabled by default  scans crucial system areas for dangerous files, however user can set RT protection to scan for all files. RT Protection with support for heuristic detection not only scans for viruses but optionally also looks for adware, spyware, dialers, phishing etc..

Avira Mac security real-time protection module

Avira Security product for Mac offers scheduler, for a default scan job and default update job – both are switched on by default. Thus the product in the user’s system is updated to latest definitions and scanned in pre-defined intervals.

Avira Free Mac security works on Mac 10.6  and 10.7. You can download this product from here.

Source: Avira blog