Microsoft called Windows 8 alpha as “Developer Preview” and the rumors that floating around seems be true with screenshots posted by WindowsblogItalia that Windows 8 Beta will be called as “Consumer Preview”. These screenshots were similar to that of shared by Microsoft on Windows 8 Setup experience in their blog.

Windows 8 Beta/Consumer Preview Setup Screenshots

From Windows 7, you can run an web installer (offered by Microsoft) that checks your PC, apps  and devices for compatibility and “Windows 8 compatibility Summary” is shown.

compatibility checkingWindows 8 Consumer Preview Compatibility Summary

After that you can view detailed compatibility report by clicking on See the compatibility report. You can print or save the compatibility report to Your Computer.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview  Compatibility Report

Before the Windows 8 download to begin, its product key is displayed for activation.

Windows 8 Consumer Preview - Product Key

Next an integrated download manager starts downloading Windows 8 which shows estimate time of setup completion and this download manager allows to pause, resume, re-download any parts of file if downloading interrupted in the middle.  After that Windows 8 setup files will be downloaded to a temporary folder in your Computer..

Windows 8 Consumer Preview - Download

Rest of the setup may be similar to Windows developer preview setup which you can watch from the video below.

According to WinBlogItalia ,Windows 8 public beta will be available in the second half of February.