We’ve shared Skin Pack from developer Hamid that transforms Windows 7 to Windows 8 developer Preview, it’s all set now for Microsoft to release its public beta aka Windows 8 Consumer Preview on 29th of this month, if you can’t wait till then why don’t you change look of Windows 7 to that of Windows 8 consumer Preview with 8 Skin Pack 11 released by the same developer.

Turn Windows 7 into Windows 8 Consumer Preview /Beta

Download the “Windows 8 Skin pack” zip file, extract its contents to a folder and run 8 Skin Pack executable to start the setup, close all running programs and windows before running the setup. Uncheck for options under “Custom Installation” during the setup to avoid installing Babylon toolbar and other crappy stuff.

metro Start screen on Windows 7

Restart your Computer once the installation is finished,  for the changes to take affect. Boot Screen reminds you of WDP, don’t know Windows 8 Beta boot screen matches with that one . Login to Windows by typing your password.

Windows 8 Skin pack setup

Wallpapers leaked recently for Windows 8 are included in this skin pack-total 24 wallpapers and 9 new Windows 8 themes (including Aero Lite Glass theme) to choose from and personalize your Windows.

Start Screen can be enabled by pressing Win key. Metro Screen shows tiles of Better Explorer, IE, Control Panel, Games, disk space hard drive, processor usage, Memory used,etc. you can access other tiles by scrolling horizontally.

8 Skin pack 11

Microsoft removed Start button in Windows 8 Beta this skin pack too doesn’t offers it or hide it, You can access it similar to that in WDP.  8 Skin Pack 11 installs visual style, Aura, Newgen, BetterExplorer, Taskbarusertile and Bootscreen.

We’ve installed and uninstalled this skin pack without any problems, but some keyboard shortcuts opening Windows programs which may interrupt you while typing, other than that we’re impressed. What about you?

Download 8 Skin Pack 11