Google Chrome has a built-in spell-checker that uses the dictionary to automatically checks spelling in web forms and text fields, Google search engine has even better spell-checker, Chrome dev channel released today integrates Google online spelling service into Chrome, this is a opt-in service which you need to select “Ask Google for suggestions” from Spell-Checker Options menu located on the text box context menu.

Enable Google Spell-Checker Service for Chrome to Provide Smart Spell-Checking

You can right-click on search box on Google, from Spell-checker options menu select Ask Google for suggestions and click Enable button. All these typed words will be sent to Google servers from Chrome for spell-checking technology used by Google search, this may take a while for suggestions to appear.

Ask Google for suggestions

We can’t find a way to stop this service once started as selecting “Stop asking Google for suggestions” on mouse over Spell-checker options doesn’t help. So think twice before enabling the service if you’re worried about your privacy.

enable ask google for suggestions