Microsoft announced in December 2011, that in January 2012, it will automatically upgrade IE users who have automatic updates turned on across Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 pcs to latest version of Internet Explorer via Windows Update. That means, XP users gets Internet Explorer 8 and Windows Vista and 7 users get IE9 latest version i.e IE 9.0.4. While upgrading from one version of IE to current version via Windows Update, user’s homepage, search provider and default browser settings remains unchanged.

Automatic IE Upgrades for Windows Users to Begin this month

By this time, Customers in Australia and Brazil may have already upgraded to  up-to-date version of Internet Explorer via Windows Update. Microsoft wants safer browsing experience for customers and enterprises by using most up-to-date version of IE, thus they will be protected against malware.

Opting-out of Internet Explorer automatic upgrades

Microsoft now likes of Google and Firefox pushes automatic browser updates. Enterprises and customers can opt-out-of automatic installation of IE updates by using Microsoft’s Blocker Toolkit for IE8 and IE9. If you’ve declined IE 8 or IE9 installation through Windows Updates your Internet Explorer browser won’t be updated automatically. Customers can uninstall updates and continue to receive support for version of IE that came with copy of Windows.