ScreenLeap website offering free screen sharing service powered by JavaScript and HTML which allows you to share your screen instantly with your friends, colleagues, family members and viewers and they can view your Computer from their laptops, desktops, or mobile devices, such as iPad, iPhone or Android device.  What makes ScreenLeap unique is no downloads or setup or account signup is required.

How to Share your Screen with your friend by using ScreenLeap

All you need to do is visit screenleap site, click on “Share your screen now” button then Java plugin shows security information dialog window and asks you for permission to run  it.  This dialog may vary depends on the browser you use. You must’ve Java installed for this service to work.


Click on “Run” button, now screenleap offers link and code you can share either of these with your friends. Once screen sharing link or code is generated “Screen is shared” window appears on top.  From this window you can choose to share entire screen or share inside rectangle.

Once the viewer accesses your screen with the pin code or link provided by you, screenleap window shows number of users viewing your screen on top in its window. You can pause or stop sharing any time by clicking on the respective buttons provided on ScreenLeap window. Once you click on stop sharing button session will be closed. Viewer also gets session ended message on his screen.

For which purposes  Screenleap service will be useful?

Screenleap is useful for: remote computer support, sales demos, virtual meetings, long distance relationships, personal broadcasting, remote training, sharing photos, team projects, making travel reservations, and as a free alternative to WebEx and GoToMeeting.

Screenleap works on any connected mobile or tablet device with a browser.