RAM Boosters/Optimizers mostly used by people using older PCs who needs more memory to run applications like Photoshop. What these so called Memory optimizers do is: forces memory out of RAM which not exists there physically, you can increase virtual memory to some extent to improve system performance. Why won’t purchase and install one more RAM module? that’s better option. If you still want to use RAM Boosters, you can use Rizone Memory Booster is freeware portable app which is just not another memory booster, claimed by its developer.

Rizone Memory Booster on launch, shows some progress bars indicating that memory optimization is in progress.  But these progress bars never stops or memory optimization process continues forever until and unless you close this program. You can minimize to the taskbar and continue your work.

Rizone Memory Booster

How Rizone Memory Booster works?

Rizone Memory Booster calls Windows API which tells Windows to cleanup processes workspace, hence any memory will be freed. It does this periodically to help improve the speed and stability of your system.

Rizone Memory Booster doesn’t’ run on the placebo memory optimization engine and doesn’t force any memory out of RAM  (unless you use defrag option). This program is safe to run and doesn’t damage your system because it uses Windows API call.

Note: As a reviewer, we write what developers say about the product and our insights also reflects on this post. At the end of the day – you, the user need to use it for a long time and know its doing job what it’s advertised for.

Rizone Memory Booster works on Windows 2k/XP/Vista/7.

Download Rizone Memory Booster