If you don’t know? or haven’t heard the news about DNSChanger malware which manipulates DNS settings of the Computer and directs unsuspected users visits to fraudulent websites where DNSChanger redirects users from their ISP DNS servers to rogue DNS servers. Till now over 4 millions Computers around the world are infected with this malware. Security vendor Avira released Avira DNS Repair tool to repair DNS Settings manipulated by DNSChanger Malware.

The operators of those rogue DNS servers have been arrested in November 2011 by the FBI and European law enforcement authorities and replaced those servers with valid DNS servers. Those servers will be shutdown/deactivated by FBI on March 8th, 2012  and if your system is affected and you didn’t reset DNS settings to default then you can’t browse the websites after March 8. 

Avira DNS Repair Tool

Affected users can download and run portable Avira DNS Repair tool which automatically repairs DNS settings changed by DNSChanger malware.

Avira DNS Repair

How to know your system affected with DNSChanger malware?

You can run Avira tool to confirm this or visit http://www.dns-ok.de/ site to know whether you’re a victim of DNSChanger Trojan or not. You can also found download link for Avira DNS Repair tool on the same site if your system in infected. We’re also providing the download link  below.

DNS.Ok.de test

Download Avira DNS Repair