At present, all popular browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari supports private browsing which doesn’t save your browsing history, including cookies, temporary files, search history and browser history. Private browsing mode used more generally by users to visit porn sites and some others use it intelligently for day-to- day browsing to protect their privacy.

Psst! Incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N) may come in handy next time

If you’re a parent worried about your kids might be watching porn or social networking sites in private browsing mode, which you not able to monitor from their web browsing history and want to get rid of  private browsing mode from browsers which browsers doesn’t provide, there is a freeware portable tool called Incognito Gone which completely removes private browsing functionality from Chrome, IE, Safari, but removes the option (only) from Firefox.

Disable Private Browsing in Browsers with Incognito Gone

Incognito Gone is a portable tool, all you need to do is: download the program zip  file, extract its contents to a folder and run IncognitoGone executable. This app supports private browsing supported browsers and shows active disable buttons for them, disable button is greyed out for the browsers not installed on your Computer.

incognito gone

How to Start Google Chrome Automatically in Incognito Mode

Click on ‘Disable’ button opposite to a particular browser name which shows a warning that -“disabling is permanent. Are you sure you want to disable private browsing?, click “Yes” to  proceed. As you warned its disabling is permanent, so think twice before using this program and you’re recommended to create a restore point if you plan to get that feature again, so that you don’t need to reinstall the browser again.

inprivate browsing removed from IE

However Incognito Gone fails to completely remove this functionality from Firefox, instead it removes option only where you can still access to private browsing with a shortcut Ctrl +Shift+ P  in Firefox.

private browsing mode option removed from Firefoxincognito mode disabled in Chrome

How to start Opera in Private Browsing mode

We’ve tested this, it has removed PB mode from Chrome and IE browsers successfully, now what should I do? Will use the restore option, any better way you know to restore private browsing mode in browsers -let us know in comments?

Incognito Gone works on Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download Incognito Gone