With an internet connection failure in the middle, you need to reload all tabs in browser after you connected to internet, Firefox has this feature where you can right-click on tab context menu and select “Reload All Tabs”. Though you don’t use this feature most often, when you need it you expect the browser you’re using to offer it. Chrome browser lacks this feature and don’t worry- Reload All Tabs Chrome extension is there for you.

Reload All Tabs Chrome Extension

Reload All Tabs extension allows to reload all tabs by clicking on its icon on toolbar or from the context menu on page or you can use hotkey Ctrl+Shift+R hotkey.

Reload All Tabs

If you’re concerned about extension’s icon occupying space on toolbar, you can hide it by right-clicking and selecting “hide button”. You can able to show it again from the chrome extensions page.

Reload All Tabs options

You need to enable “Reload All Windows “ option in extension options to reload all tabs in all windows.