Norton Power Eraser from security vendor Symantec which uses aggressive techniques to detect malware on users systems, came out of beta – now even more powerful with rootkit scan enabled by default. Norton Power Eraser detects fake antiviruses (often known as “scareware” or “scamware”  or “rougueware”) that hijacks your Computer, if traditional antivirus or antispyware programs can’t remove “crimeware” then you can rely on NPE as a last resort, you can use this tool even when you’re using Symantec security product or any other one on your Computer.

Norton Power Eraser

Norton Power Eraser – Aggressive Malware Removal Tool

Users recommended to use this tool only when their systems infected with viruses. If your system won’t loads Windows, then scan your Computer for threats with NPE in Windows safe mode.

restart system

Norton Power Eraser 2.5 now comes with Rootkit scan enabled by default. After launching the NPE tool, to perform rootkit scan you need to restart your Computer. You can disable rootkit scan from option in settings which also requires restart.

scaning your computer

NPE can flag even legitimate programs as false positives, so  users needed to review these results carefully and leave the safe ones from deletion.

 scan results

NPE now offers more info for the “unknown files” where advanced users can “enable action on the file” by clicking I icon and NPE repairs that file which is not recommended by NPE tool itself. You can run cloud scan on detected threats or unknown files for scanning with latest information available from Symantec server.

NPE creates system restore point before removing those threats when you click Fix button. You can review history to recover any files from previous versions.

One downside of this tool is: checks for newer versions on its launch stops if system not connected to internet and recommends user to run the tool in Safe mode with networking option enabled.

Download Norton Power Eraser 2.5